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A Message to SignSetters Customers 

Q: What’s the latest news from SignSetters?

A: On March 1, 2022, Tom Jackson retired.  Six months prior, Tom approached me, Dave Jaskulke, about buying his business.  We ultimately came to an agreement where my company would take over the operations of Tom’s business including the customers that he served well for many years. 

Q: Why did my company do this? 

A: We operate a sign printing company.  Tom only installed signs.  We only printed signs.  For several years, we would refer our Realtor sign customers to Tom.  Ultimately, it made sense for me to merge the two entities. 

Q: What’s up with the new ordering system on the website?

A: There was no choice but to replace the “old site” or ordering system.  When we took over the business from Tom, we soon learned that the old site would not ever be updated again.  The developer of the site also hosted the site, but they provided no assurance that they would continue to do so!   At some point, it would be shutdown!   There was not a choice.  We couldn’t risk that it does not work and leave us and our customers in a quandary.  It had to be replaced soon! 

Q: Didn’t Tom Jackson own the website or the name SignSetters?  Did you not purchase them from Tom?

A: No.  Tom did not own either.  Tom was the original SignSetters franchisee for San Diego and Southwest Riverside Counties.  We assumed his customer base along with all stored signs, posts, accessories, and a pickup truck.  

Q: Who owned the website?

A: The site was originally authored by a company in Maryland.  They also hosted it.  They had complete control over maintenance (none) & hosting (slow).  

Q: Couldn’t the old site have been improved upon & maintained?

A: No.  There were two issues.  First, the site was authored in an old language.   It had become increasingly slower & more unpredictable.  Secondly, the host company was unresponsive and provided no support, including any assurance of a path forward.  

Q: Didn’t Tom own the name SignSetters when we took over on March 1, 2022?

A:  No.  The name, the trademark and all registration rights were owned by yet another entity. 

Q:  What happened next?

A: At great additional expense, I purchased the rights to the URL, name, logo & trademark for SignSetters.  

Q: Were there not other SignSetters operators in other states and regions? What happened to them?

A: A: Yes, there were, but the company that was the master franchisor of SignSetters decided to disband the franchise model. Those entities now operate under different names. However, I did provide an elusive exception to Mark Carda so he could use the name as part of the URL The Northern California operation is  

Q: Your phone number has an area code of 951.  Why?

A: When we took over the business, we wanted to provide immediate personal support as quickly as possible.  Using an existing cell phone number was the obvious solution.  Support is available via phone, text or email.  

Q: Where are you located and where are my signs stored? 

A: Temecula.  We start and end each day in Temecula.  Storing signs in a single location is the only practical solution and allows us to provide next day service for all of San Diego County and Southwest Riverside County.  

Q: How does your daily route work?

A: We use a sophisticated app that establishes our route each morning.  We hit the road early, often starting in Escondido, Fallbrook, Vista or Carlsbad.  We drive as far south as needed.  On any given day we travel south to National City & Chula Vista, eastward to El Cajon & Lakeside, and often going through Valley Center.

Q: Are there any exceptions?

A:  We rarely provide service to Campo.  Some areas like Julian require more planning so we can combine jobs which allows us to minimize if not eliminate distance fees.  Otherwise, you can order an installation or removal, then the next business day, Monday – Friday, we will complete your order. 

Q: Does our Temecula location provide any added value for our customers?

A: Different than some installation companies, we don’t limit the days of the week that we cover any part of San Diego County or Southwest Riverside County.  For example, we don’t charge extra to go to North San Diego County nor do we limit the days of the week that we serve North County.  We do the same for ALL of San Diego County as well as Southwest Riverside County!   From time-to-time we might ask you for some flexibility, but if you need a job completed the next business day, we will be there the next day!

Q: What other services do you offer?

A: Glad that you asked!  We PRINT new signs at our shop DAILY!  We deliver, ship, or install them the following day!   Every order, every time!   

Updated: Monday, January 16, 2023